About us


Founded in 2008, Red Entertainment has consistently proven itself in creating unique entertainment and managing global talent and artists for over a decade now.

We distinguish ourself from the rest with our ability to conduct shows with finesse, be it Indian or International artists with the same perseverance, gaining exclusive access to performers and creating the best of their talent. Our Team has fine tuned the art of managing, creating and collaborating alliances with international artists across the globe, while at the same time, cultivating and producing specialised acts with a freshness and elegance, continuing to exceed the expectations of our audience globally.

We not only master the art of doing special acts, but also cater to the smallest of aspects like choreographers, dancers, aerialists, acrobats to the large scale non stop stage shows. We have equipped ourself in creating out of the box productions for entertainment and providing customised solutions for various occasions by the means of performing arts ensuring that it has the right essence to celebrate the mood. Our zeal to excel and detail oriented approach makes us go all out in executing our idea through various hurdles, sourcing the right talent from around the world, recreating a concept production from scratch or developing props, mechanisms and thematic costumes. We incorporate the latest technology and variation to enhance performances, adding a touch of glamour in all our projects. We put our heart, mind and small into the smallest of aspects. That's the secret of our success.